This powerful math software and calculation tool will dramatically increase your understanding of mathematics...

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Math Assistant V4.1 is the revolutionary new software tool that makes math user friendly.  What word processors have done for typing and correspondence, Math Assistant V4.1 does for math and math education.

This is a new, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use solution for doing your calculations and getting the correct answer with understanding.  You will be up and running very quickly thanks to a familiar interface that will not require reading a manual.

Math Assistant V4.1 is fully programmable with a brand new concept of intuitive syntax that will dramatically expand your capabilities without the normal learning curve associated with learning a new software package.  You'll be ready to use hundreds of symbolic, numeric, and graphics functions immediately.

  No manual required

  Online audio / video tutorials demonstrate how to:
            Write a program
            Save a program
            Run a program

  Full-featured programming language

  2-D Graphing supported

  Intuitive calculator interface

  Costs dramatically less than similar products

  Name, classify and save the programs you write

  Table of constants and formulas

  Works with numbers, vectors, and short form polynomials

  Includes more than 30 ready to use programs selected from Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Calculus, Finance, Physics and Vector Analysis

  30-Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

Using Math Assistant V4.1, you will have the potential to explore mathematical concepts more thoroughly. You'll have an edge that translates not only into better grades and improved performance on standardized testing but also increased understanding.

You can reinforce what you have learned in the classroom by "teaching" your Math Assistant the steps that lead to a correct solution.  (A great way to be sure you understand a concept is by teaching it.)  Programs are easily saved for future reference.

Math Assistant V4.1 is currently available for the introductory price of only $97.

This represents incredible value because similar mathematics software retails for a substantially higher price.  Math Assistant V4.1 is backed by an unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with this product, simply return it and your purchase will be immediately refunded.

Math Assistant V4.1 comes on a CD-ROM and is shipped by Priority Mail within the United States.  Shipping within the United States is included.  You will receive email notification the same day your product is shipped.  International orders are welcome and subject to additional shipping charges.

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